About us

1- ThrillAdda : Who is this?

ThrillAdda believes that we express better when we get the best way to express in action and with voice. We make stories every minute we act or we do something which is indeed a thrilling thing and we feel the urge to share our stories as they happen with our friends, family and the world and even sometimes to people whom we consider foes! Ha ha ha!

Then we need a platform where we can stage ourselves to hijack attentions of others and make them feel your stories in a very articulate way.That is what ThrillAdaa loves to be - A stage for such actors and story makers who make life more interesting, thrilling, entertaining and demonstrative.
We are new but we promise to shake you with more interesting features to make your endevour of connecting with others with more thrilling articulation and locomotion as they brim up to touch the sky.

What more about ThrillAdaa?

ThrillAdda is a connected web platform with Mariadda. It is managed and run by Intelligentia Webnologies under the able leadership of Indranil Bhattacharya who passionately loves to do wonders in the web world specially in regards to connecting people with each other. Being just the start of the journey marked as January 12, 2020 we wish to continue this journey with you all to never ending time of Thrilling Life.

Celebrate life with ThrillAdda !